Executive Committee

Linda Watkins


Education has always been my passion, through college and beyond.  I have served as Executive Director of an area education nonprofit for over 10 years and have worked in many capacities locally, and at the state level, to improve my community and our state.  These experiences have shown me the importance of community involvement. I am excited to be launching a new philanthropic endeavor, an idea that has gained energy regionally and nationally. The Women’s Giving Connection of Southern Idaho will be another way of giving back to our local communities, by gathering women to make an impact, collectively, for the common good of where we live.  Join us!

Kathy MacMillan

Vice President

The Women’s Giving Connection (WGC) provides an amazing opportunity for collective giving to support our community. I have been privileged to be one of the Founding Board Members. My life’s focus has always been family, friends, my healthcare career as a Speech Language Pathologist, and years of volunteering and philanthropy through many organizations and non-profits no matter where we have lived. The WGC will have a powerful impact in our community, and I am proud to be a part of it!

Sami Ashenbrener


My passion for community involvement is rooted in my desire to empower and help one another. In my career as a physical therapist, I am able to help individuals heal and regain quality of life by improving function, and I am thrilled to now have a part in a larger community outreach through the Women’s Giving Connection (WGC).  I want my hometown community of Twin Falls to thrive, and this group aims to support this goal by bringing women together through philanthropic collective grant giving for a large community impact. Outside of a history of volunteering, my life’s joy comes from exploring the great outdoors through camping and rafting, running, teaching yoga, and spending time with family.  I am honored to serve as a founding member of the WGC and encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to join us!

Lori Ward


Volunteerism, leadership and commitment to the people around us are so very important. Serving on nonprofit Boards and Advisory Committees is a big part of my life.  As a small businessperson and Director for a community bank, I see the economic wheels turning in our area. I am very cognizant of the financial challenges faced by many nonprofit organizations. That is why this nonprofit idea is so exciting to me. Here is the power of a group of women with great minds and compassion coming together to make a real difference for amazing organizations. The WGC is another way for women to step up and support causes near and dear to our hearts, with the collective power of a group. Being a Founding Member of this Board is particularly exciting.  We are local women making a difference!

Gloria Gott

Grant Committee Chairman

In my career as a Financial Advisor,  I’m able to  support my clients to live a life with  more contentment,   purpose, and generosity with both  their time and money. I believe generosity is expressed differently from person to person,  but that we can all make a difference. Being  involved in service and volunteer opportunities for several years has given me a deeper desire to be part of the “impact”. My hope is that our organization would empower women to discover and grow their own  philanthropic power in the way that’s unique to them.   I am honored to be a part of the Women’s Giving Connection as we help  bridge the gap between need and resources; as well as donors and the non profits who need help. Together we can fill the gaps!