The Women’s Giving Connection (WGC) empowers women to become educated philanthropists who create positive change locally through collective grant making.

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Why and how is giving to a

Giving Circle different?

A Giving Circle gathers like-minded givers together to discuss community needs. As a Giving Circle group, we give our time, add in our donation and sprinkle in our voices and a giving circle is born!

Pooled gifts allow greater impact to nonprofit organizations that might not be noticed by larger donors. A Giving Circle can be a grassroots network of individuals who together discuss community needs and help by providing community driven solutions

Together we can do so much more…..and have fun while doing it!

What is a giving circle?

* Thank you to Philanthropy Together for Giving Circle

Giving Since 2022

Pooled Grants
$ 26700
$ 54000

Save The Date MEMBERS:

2024 Grant Voting Meeting!

When: May 8th, 2024

Where: Magic Valley Arts Council/Sligar’s Auditorium

Time: 5:30-7:30

Join us for presentations and voting of the finalists in our 2024 Grant Cycle! Light refreshments will be served!

Hope to see you there! If you are unable to attend, we will send you an option for online voting….but we hope to see you in person!!

Why Giving Back Matters:

 The Impact and Benefits of Generosity

Discover the power of two simple words:

“I belong”


A Crucial Ingredient for a Better World

“If we spent as much time giving to those in need as we do tracking our steps each day, imagine what a difference this would make in our community. Joining the Women’s Giving Circle has given me the opportunity to be a part of a group of women who are working together to meaningfully change the community in which we live.”   – Jan M.

“Before joining The Women’s Giving Connection, I would have said I live in a small town in Idaho with very limited resources. Through joining this organization, I have discovered that I belong to a community of creators. I can pool my resources with others to support the creation already happening in our vibrant town.” – Allison W

“We live in a divided world.  I believe that it is up to us as individuals to make things better.  By “taking action to support other people” we can make a difference!  What better than a wonderfully diverse group of like-minded women to get the job done.  I loved the WGC from the start.  We don’t often have a chance to give back to the community that has supported each of us in this way.  The women are from all age groups and all walks of life.  The energy of the group is amazing.”   Lisa D.